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Corrective Shoeing

Corrective Shoeing involves correcting a deviation, from the ideal, in a horse’s stance, gait or both.

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No horse has absolutely perfect conformation. All horses have some degree of deviation. This does not mean that every horse needs corrective shoeing.

Many factors influence why a horse may be imperfect in conformation and/or gait. Limb deviations are very heritable and thus are congenital, or the problem may be due to the horse’s environment. There are definite limitations on what can be accomplished through corrective trimming and the use of corrective shoes, especially in mature horses. Some deviations cannot be corrected once the horse’s epiphyseal (growth) plates close.

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Epiphyseal plate closing normally occurs between the age of 4 and 24 months, and varies depending on location within the limb and breed. Obviously, shoeing for this type of correction must begin at a very early age (as young as new born foal can benefit from this) to be the most effective on your horse. Generally most horses need to be started on corrections by 12 months of age. Once the epiphyseal plates have closed, corrective trimming and shoeing can still be done, however, the degree of correction is much more limited.
Safire Farrier Service will take great care to make corrections gradually in order to minimize the stress on the horses joints, tendons and ligaments.

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